Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are key elements of the employment and volunteer recruitment strategies for CASA of Monterey County.

Diversity: To strengthen staff and volunteer experience, CASA of Monterey County seeks to recruit staff and volunteers who draw on their skills, talents, perspectives, and diversity of viewpoints, that comes from different life experiences and cultural backgrounds, including individuals with the first-hand experience with issues faced by youth served by CASA.

The individual team members who compose CASA of Monterey County’s staff and volunteers reflect our organization’s values and beliefs.  They shall:
· embrace the principles of social justice and advocacy, as they relate to the children/youth served by the juvenile dependency and delinquency programs.
· genuinely and sincerely value children and youth in our society, and the importance of nurturing their growth and development; and
· commit to understand, accept, and value the importance of the cultures from which children in the foster care system come.

Inclusion: CASA of Monterey County is committed to building a culture of trust, candor, and respect. To cultivate an inclusive culture all staff members and volunteers are encouraged to bring their perspectives, identity, and life experience to their service. CASA of Monterey County welcomes and celebrates differences and sets a standard that all staff and volunteers are equally engaged and invested, sharing responsibility for the organization’s mission and work.

Equity-focused: Staff and volunteers should be aware of how systemic inequities have affected our society, and the foster care system specifically, to avoid blind spots that can lead to flawed strategies. Guided by this commitment to equity, CASA of Monterey County shall create powerful opportunities to deepen the organization’s impact, relevance, and advancement of the care and services provided for youth in the foster care system.